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Diana Wynne Jones

I read some of Diana Wynne Jones' works back in sixth and seventh grade -- Witch Week is the one I remember the most. But I didn't really grow to love her until astaraelweeper re-introduced me to her via the Chrestomanci series and the Howl books. These were some of my favorite books, books I reread countless times the first months in Germany, and books that I still adore to this day (Charmed Lives in German was the first German book I ever bought).'

I haven't read all of her books, though they're all on my reading list, and each one I read still manages to wow me with the twists.

And now I have learned that she died.

She died March 26, 2011. She had had cancer for the last two years, had been in remission, but now succumbed to it. She was 77. A YA novel and a collection of essays are still due to be published.

I definitely have an urge to read all the DWJ now I can find, rereading old-favorites. She's a great author, and she will certainly be missed.
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