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Elixir of Life

Fan fic keeps me living

I hate writing introductions, because I never know what to say. So I'll start off with the basics: I am twenty-four, female, American, currently pseudo-studying in Berlin, Germany, sarcastic, morbid, alternate between extremely quiet (generally in new situations) and extremely loud (generally when I know you or am passionate about something), a procrastinator to the extreme, a night owl, independent, a music lover and musician, an avid reader, a writer when the mood/muse strikes, easy-going until you piss me off, in which case I do hold a grudge, and have a tendency to ramble.

I am a fan fiction addict. I've written in several dozen fandoms, read in even more and if I ever enjoy some book/movie/show, chances are I've at least looked for fan fic about it. My current fandoms are...I've re-discovered several old fandoms but am still in the dabbling phase.

I'm not going to list pairings I love, because the list would go on ages. I will say that I prefer Harry/Hermione for the HP fandom, have a soft spot for Hermione/Tom and enjoy reading rare Harry or Hermione pairings (especially with time travel). Tim/Cassie is my favorite DCU pairing, but I'll read most of anything in that fandom, including some slash. I will always be an Alanna/Jon shipper in the Tamora Pierce fandom, will never truly enjoy Luke/Mara from Star Wars, and I'm generally willing to try out new pairings, as long as they're written well.

Disclaimer: Everything here labeled as "fan fiction" or with the tag "fandom" means that the characters do not belong to me. I am merely borrowing them and do not plan to make any profit on writing about them- they simply happen to be characters I can't get out of my head. On the reverse side, everything labeled "fandom: original" or "original" means that they are my characters. Please do not borrow or use without my explicit permission.

This journal is used for everything. I have periods where I update like mad, and periods (like the last few months...) where I update hardly at all. There will be loads of fandom stuff, loads of personal stuff, and just random info here and there.

The journal is friends only, with the exception of completed fan fiction. I will never lock fan fic, but ficlets at the end of journal entries are locked. If you have an interest in reading the various AU/Everworlds I've made up (Not!WonderboyTim and Oracle!Tim), or any of the ficlets in general (I tend to write all sorts of fandoms, pairings and characters) please leave a comment here.

Friends are always welcomed. I don't have to know you personally or even recognize you. But please drop a line on a public entry and mention who you are/why you want to friend me/what we have in common, because I do kind of like an idea of who I'm friending and why they friended me in the first place.

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